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The Icebreaker

August 01, 2023 Season 2 Episode 66
Movie Junkies Podcast
The Icebreaker
The Ultimate "Movie Junkies"
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We have resurfaced for yet another week of awesome movie talk! This week, we are diving into a foreign film that has been our list to watch for a while now. That is the 2016 Russian film "The Icebreaker"! Tune in as we talk all about that film as well as other films that take place in the cold climate!

Titles/Topics discussed in this episode: "The Icebreaker", "The Grey", "Frozen"(2010), "The Thing", "Alive", "Balto",  "The Day After Tomorrow", "Movie Trailers"(topic), "Fan Trailers"(topic), "Terror"(mini-series)

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2016's The Icebreaker