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August 22, 2023 Dax & Steven Season 2 Episode 69
Movie Junkies Podcast
All Things TV Shows
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Show Notes

This week on the Movie Junkies Podcast we are doing something a little bit different. With the release of the new Ahsoka series we decided to talk about all things TV shows! We discuss some of our favorites, some of our least favorites, some upcoming ones, some that never happened and even some that we would like to see!

Titles/Topics Discussed in this Episode: "Ahsoka", "Game of Thrones", "Breaking Bad", "Tremors: The Series", "Dark", "Tribes of Europa", "Prehistoric Planet", "Foundation", "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds", "I Love Lucy", "Gilligan's Island", "Return to Gilligan's Island", "The Sarah Conner Chronicles", "Battlestar Galatica", "Stargate", "Yellowstone", "Secret Invasion", "American Horror Story", "11.22.63", "Physical Media"(topic)

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