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The Abyss

December 12, 2023 Season 2 Episode 85
Movie Junkies Podcast
The Abyss
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This week we are.. diving.. into some deep sea adventure movies! James Cameron's "The Abyss: Special Edition" was re-released in theaters last week in lieu of its resent 4K remaster! So while we definitely went and saw the underwater epic and have lots to say about it we also thought it would be a good chance to talk about a few of the other deep sea adventure movies that were also released in 1989 such as "DeepStar Six" as well as "Leviathan"!

Titles/Topics Discussed in this Episode: "The Abyss", "DeepStar Six", "Leviathan", "Underwater", "Underwater Movies"(topic), "James Cameron"(filmmaker), "Scream", "The Thing"

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DeepStar Six
The Abyss: Special Edition