Movie Junkies Podcast

The Original Rom-Com

February 07, 2024 Season 3 Episode 91
Movie Junkies Podcast
The Original Rom-Com
The Ultimate "Movie Junkies"
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Show Notes

Welcome back movie fans! This week with Valentines Day right around the corner we decided to go back in time and talk about the original romantic comedy which is the 1934 film "It Happened One Night"! During the second half of the episode we also talk about some trailers that we might see during the upcoming Super Bowl!

Titles/Topics Discussed in this Episode: "It Happened One Night", "The Oscars"(topic), "Clark Gable"(actor), "Valentines Day"(holiday), "Super Bowl 58"(sporting event) "Movie Trailers"(topic), "Deadpool 3", "Godzilla X Kong", "Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire", "Dune: Part 2", "Twisters", "Beetlejuice 2" 

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